Cyril Parks


Cyril Parks, born in Truro, Nova Scotia on February 17, 1901, was an avid cinematographer.  Initially, he created home movies for his family with an 8 mm camera. Later on, supported and financed by local community groups, he used a 16mm film camera and produced the film "Hants County Beautiful" depicting life in Hants during the post-war years.  

Cyril hoped his film would be used to promote tourism.   Cyril’s script for the film begins with a poem:

I think that there shall never be
A county lovelier to see
Than Hants with all its flowers fair.

Here, there is beauty everywhere.
There is no other that ere could be
Called “The Land of Plenty”.

The script goes on to say:  Is this little county known to all?  No, I am afraid not.  In fact too little is known of Hants County.  Each year, when the swarm of tourists come to our province, they are not told of our little beauty spot.  Instead, they pass us by and go to their respective homes ignorant of what a wonderful county we have.
Let’s start now, and advertise the beauty of our County.  Tell everyone what we have to offer.  It’s a subject that one should never tire of telling.

He also prepared and presented to the Nova Scotia legislature a 16 mm film on the deplorable road conditions along the Noel Shore.  He advocated for paved highways.

The 1949 dedication that appears at the end of the film reads: This picture is dedicated to those hardy men and women who pioneered this country in which we live and to those who came to virgin land and developed it into the thing of beauty it is so that we, their children, may enjoy the fruits of their endeavours. May God help us appreciate this heritage.

Film making provided Cyril with a means to support his community.  He was an active community leader.  He was involved in the “Home and School” and pushed for fluorescent lighting which gave the children better quality light.  He was a great believer in the Hants Co-op and acted on the Board of Directors.  The East Noel District Farmer's Association was very active on the Noel shore. He chaired the Association’s Educational Committee.

As Myrtle White observed of her father, Cyril: “He was one of a kind.  What he did not know, he read, studied and with determination and perseverance completed the task and realized his ambition.”

Cyril passed away in 1976 at the age of 75 years.